TRAVELSANA Sponsor Chianti Ultra Trail 2022

We are delighted to announce a new sponsor for the 2022 edition of Chianti Ultra Trail, TRAVEL SANA is here !!
You will find Travel Sana products in the goody bag and the company staff will be present at the EXPO to introduce you to their products.

TravelSana natural Health Supplements designed for all type of travelers always on the go, these supplements come in pill or powder form. They are designed to protect against a variety of stressors or deficiencies that can arise while travelling or during your holiday.

TravelSana, supplements and travel products for a safe travel and holiday.

At TravelSana, we are committed to natural dietary supplements that share only the highest qualitative standards ensuring Product Integrity to meet customer’s expectations for Quality, Reliability, and Performance. Taking a few days or several weeks off to live somewhere other than where you spend most of the year is a good way to regenerate your body and mind. Our goals is simple: make traveling safer, easier and more enjoyable wether you are traveling for pleasure, business, adventure or to practice sports.

TravelSana dietary supplements are based upon:

Qualitative active ingredients
Scientifically documented efficacy and safety
Analytical development methods of products and dosage validation
Pharmaceutical manufacturing standards at each stage of products development
Innovative packaging designed to guarantee Product Integrity over the life of the product in every In

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