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The most fascinating race in the heart of the Historic Chianti is ready to return from 25 to 27 March next with a new fascinating race that will offer athletes the unique opportunity to run among the medieval fortifications of the ancient Chianti League.
Another novelty of 2022 is the partnership with Travelsana and Cimalp, which are added to the consolidated EthicSportĀ® and New Balance.
Subscriptions at a discounted rate until January 31, 2022.
Radda in Chianti, January 25, 2022_The organizers of the Chianti Ultra Trail have dreamed of it since the first edition and finally, in the 2022 edition scheduled for March 25 to 27, the Chianti Castles will finally be a reality: 100 kilometers of competition, with 4000m of elevation gain positive, which contain the whole history of Chianti, the one told by the ancient castles of the League, which arose to defend the territory and protagonists of the warlike conflicts between Siena and Florence for the dispute of this priceless territory. The race joins the other four classics of 73, 42, 20 and 15 kilometers, all with start and finish in Radda in Chianti. And over 1200 athletes have already registered for the competitions, with 35 nations represented, just over two months after the event. Until next January 31st it will still be possible to benefit from the discounted rate.
Chianti Castles is not a race like any other, it is a journey into the past, among ancient paths along those white roads, flanked by vineyards, which once were the territory of clashes between Siena and Florence and which today represents a still authentic Tuscany. that between the Municipalities of Radda, Gaiole and Castellina, the Chianti Classico area, the first identified as wine, on the initiative of the de ‘Medici family 300 years ago. Along the race course, which already encountered places with historical charm such as Dievole, San Polo, Villa Vistarenni, the Castle of Albola, San Michele, Volpaia, there are enchanted places such as the castles of Ama, Lecchi, Tornano, Cacchiano, Castello di Brolio and the Rocca di Montegrossi, then return to Gaiole in Chianti and resume the 73km route to Castello di Vertine.
There are four other routes of 73 km (2800m D +), 42 km (1400m D +), 20 km (800m D +) and 15 km (600m D +), between the expanses of vineyards and the wood of Monte San Michele, the most top of the route, through the historic villages. Almost the entire route develops on unpaved paths, some of which are private, thus offering participants the opportunity to enjoy exclusive views of the hills as far as the eye can see, on landscapes that have little changed compared to the backgrounds of Renaissance masterpieces.
Another novelty of the 2022 edition is the entry of two new technical sponsors who will join the already confirmed New Balance and EthicSportĀ®: Travelsana and Cimalp.
An American company born from the twenty-year experience of co-founders Adriana Burkard and Hector Bandelier, Travelsana is a new brand of food supplements dedicated to the health, comfort and well-being of travelers. Cimalp was born in France in 1964 by a passionate and visionary mountaineer, today it is one of the reference realities for outdoor clothing: hiking, trail running and skiing.
The race is one of the events of national interest for CONI, a recognition that allowed the organizers to work on the realization of the event, in compliance with all the anti-covid measures established by the Committee, including contingent departures, obligation to wear the mask up to 500 meters after the start and staggered access to the refreshment points.
The Chianti Ultra Trail has always played the role of promoter of the development of a historic Chianti trail plan and with it of promotion and preservation of the territory. Strongly supported by the organizers is a message of environmental protection, which is practically absolutely prohibited from throwing waste along the route, under penalty of disqualification, and refreshments in which plastic cups have been replaced by eco-sustainable materials.
As every year, the Chianti Ultra Trail will award points for the UTMB 2023 edition. The points will be awarded to the finishers of the 20 (1 point), of the 42 kilometers (2 points) and those of the 73 kilometers (3 points), 100 km 4 points.
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