Chianti Ultra Trail 2021 – Race of national interest recognized by CONI

Chianti Trail Ultra has been included in the National Athletics UISP Trail Running discipline recognized by CONI, consequently the races are confirmed for March 20, 2021.

Link to the UISP National Athletics Championship calendar

CONI website link

Consequently, with the dpcm in force on February 1st, movements between regions are permitted for both athletes and accompanying persons.

The athlete must deliver the completed and signed certification for the accompanying persons to the bib collection area.



Here is the extract of article 1, paragraph 10, letter e) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of January 14, which highlights that “only events and competitions – of a competitive level and recognized of pre-eminent national interest with a provision of the Olympic Committee are allowed Italian national team (CONI) and the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) – concerning individual and team sports organized by the respective national sports federations, associated sports disciplines, sports promotion bodies or by international sports organizations, within sports facilities used behind closed doors or outdoors without the presence of the public. The training sessions of athletes, professional and non-professional, of individual and team sports, participating in the competitions referred to in this letter and equipped with a competitive card, are allowed behind closed doors, in compliance with the protocols issued by the respective national sports federations, associated sports disciplines and sports promotion bodies. The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) monitor compliance with the provisions referred to in this letter “.

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