PRESS RELEASE February 1st 2021

COVID-19 Regulation – Chianti Trail Ultra 2021

Chianti Trail Ultra has been included in the National Athletics UISP Trail Running discipline recognized by CONI, consequently the races are confirmed for March 20, 2021.

Link to the UISP National Athletics Championship calendar

CONI website link

Consequently, with the dpcm in force on February 1st, movements between regions are permitted for both athletes and accompanying persons.

Chianti Live Sports ASD, given the current health emergency situation, in order to protect the athletes and operators involved in the Chianti Trail Ultra event scheduled for 20/03/2021 with this press release defines the provisions made in this regard to the ongoing health emergency for Covid-19.

As a UISP affiliate, the Chianti Live Sports Asd company adopts the protocols communicated by it on the subject and the provisions issued by the Italian government.

An additional regulation has been defined for the 2021 edition to ensure the safety standards required in this exceptional situation, the Covid regulation will be updated by the disposal issued by the institutions during the approach period to the event.

This regulation is aimed at ensuring maximum safety for all athletes and operators in this global pandemic phase, our desire is to be able to make the event usable, safe and enjoyable for all participants and operators, involving everyone with simple behaviors to be respected in order to make the event sustainable and satisfying.



Given the current provisions, all registered competitors can reach and participate in the event unless they come from states or locations subject to restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 emergency situation.

For foreign athletes the provisions of the Italian Government are at the following links, unless new updates.



Travel is allowed for technicians and support staff for the athlete. The athlete must submit their own self-certification and that of each member of the support team to the race secretariat at the same time as collecting the bib.


The traveller that need a antigenic test for return to his country can book that in Radda in Chianti local medical center: phone +39 0577 738007


The registration procedures remain unchanged for times and costs. It is absolutely not possible to register on the spot ADDITIONAL MANDATORY MATERIALS FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS:

– tissues

– Sanitizing wipes or gels

– Own mask at the neck ready to need

– Spare mask



For the exclusive purpose of avoiding gatherings and situations of risk, the bibs will be delivered exclusively on Friday 19 March from 10:00AM to 7:00PM, upon delivery of the bib the athlete must deliver the Covid-19 self-certification of their own and any staff support in order to guarantee traceability. The self-certification can be downloaded at this link CLICK HERE Upon delivery of the bib, the participant and all operators must wear a mask and keep a safe distance, avoiding gatherings and contacts, respecting the signs and sanitizing hands upon entering the delivery area.

The bib delivery time must be confirmed by booking on the official website of the race via a link that will be activated on May 1st on this page and sent by e-mail to all registered participants.
Book bib collection


The pre-race briefing will not be carried out in presence, except for new disposals by the institutions regarding the use of theaters and conference centers. As usual, an online briefing will be published on our social channels and on our website, a video briefing will also be sent via email, which can also be downloaded as a printable pdf document.


Showers: at present it is not possible to guarantee the use of changing rooms and showers, if the next dpcm make it possible to use the existing facilities, changing rooms for men and women with toilets and showers will be made available.

Bag deposit: At present it is not possible to handle material owned by others in safety, therefore this service is suspended unless new provisions by the institutions.

Pasta Party: in order to avoid gatherings, it is not possible for us to offer the usual pasta party, despite it being a moment of conviviality which we give up with difficulty.

Collection shuttles: the shuttles can be used up to 80% of the standard service, considering that the journeys are less than 15 minutes.

Waist bag transfer for CUT 73k: As with the bag deposit, this service is not available in this particular situation.



The departures will be staggered over time slots, divided by race distance and bib number, the times are varied in order to avoid overlapping in the refreshment points and upon the arrival of participants in the various races.
Athletes must go to the entrance of the starting area at the set time or in the following minutes, without affecting the next time slot, after which they will measure their fever and proceed with the starting procedure.

Participants must wear a mask compulsorily from the entrance to the historic center, then arrange themselves on the grid with a distance of at least 1 meter from the other participants taking as a reference the signs affixed to the ground and don’t stop at the starting ling but going to run. Participants must keep their masks 500m after the start and maintain a safe distance from other participants and operators throughout the race.


CUT 73km

6:00 am – from n.1 to n.100
6:05 am – from n.101 to n.200
6:10 am – from n 201 to n 300
6:15 am – from No. 301 onwards

CMT 42km

7:00 am – from 400 to 500
7:05 am – from 501 to 600
7:10 am – from 601 to 700
7:15 am – from 701 onwards

CHT 20km

8:00 am – from 1000 to 1100
8:05 am – from 1101 to 1200
8:10 am – from 1201 onwards

CST 15km

8:30 am – from 1300 to 1400
8:35 am – from 1401 to 1500

The starting order is established according to the athletes’ performance index provided by Itra.



The refreshment points will be managed with separate entry and exit times between the various distances, the details will be provided in the videobriefing and in the race roadbook that will be sent to each participant via e-mail the week before the race. When accessing the refreshment points, the participant is obliged to wear a mask and maintain the safety distance as indicated by the signs, the operators will deliver the solids present in a paper bag, to the next station for liquids the operator activates and deactivates the dispenser while the participant places his personal container. Consumption must be carried out in the area after the refreshment, maintaining a safe distance and avoiding gatherings. Athletes who do not consume must pass the refreshment points without stopping or stopping near the area. Athletes with support staff must pass the solid and liquid delivery area without pausing, they can use the next consumption area while maintaining the safety distance and avoiding crowds.


Upon arrival, the athlete continues in the evacuation corridor, placing the CHIP in the designated space, then withdraws the medal and the arrival refreshment bag, leaving the area as quickly as possible and avoiding gatherings.



Chianti Trail Ultra is a complex event that requires important organizational and economic efforts, therefore in order to guarantee the services and maximum protection of the cars paid by the athletes in case of cancellation for reasons of force majeure it will be moved to 15/05/2020 keeping all registration fees and at no cost to participants.
The will be change on the website page.
If even on the second date the event cannot take place, a subsequent date will be communicated in the autumn period compatible with the existing calendars. The races will take place in all types of weather conditions that allow for safe performance. To participate, the competitive medical certificate for athletics or health from for foreign athletes valid on the days of the race must be uploaded to the Endu platform.

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