Dear member and passionate about Trail Running

uUnfortunately we are experiencing a very difficult situation, we have previously changed the date of the race to keep our passion burning by following the provisions and announcements of the authorities, we could not have foreseen that the situation would become so serious and so globalized, we have followed the directions of the authorities at all times and will continue to do. We were 100% ready and this situation occurred a few days after our event, we have looked everything in the hope of a quick resolution that has not occurred.

By virtue of this, with great regret, but with a great desire to continue, we move the 2020 edition of the Chianti Trail Ultra to 2021.

The date of the 2021 edition is March 19-21, all information regarding the program and logistics will be updated on the website.

All entries are moved automatically, without anyone having to do anything, if not sending the new certificate valid for the new race date, the organization does not require any additional cost.

We are very close to all the doctors, nurses, health workers, all the volunteers who are involved in this emergency and we will try to contribute in our possibilities.

We hope that this world emergency will be resolved soon and will allow us to return to a normal and perhaps even better life.

Thanks and a warm greeting from the organization, a big goodbye to 2021

The Chianti Live Sports Asd team


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